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Florida vacuum formers


Florida vacuum formers

Florida vacuum formers Paradise Plastics, Inc., is located in Plant City, just off Interstate 4 and Interstate 75. It is an ideal location logistically speaking. It also has complete parcel package, trucking line and rail access options available.

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Florida vacuum formers for more than 30 years, Paradise Plastics has the experience in producing packaging products for the food, horticultural, agricultural, optical and retail industries. We also produce numerous custom products using thin and heavy gauge thermoforming.

We have extensive experience as Florida vacuum formers. Our molding knowledge is extensive and we have a full complement of modern machinery. Our experience processing a wide array of plastic raw materials. Paradise Plastics offers you a competent and reliable source for all your plastics needs from start to  finish.

Vacuum forming thin- and heavy-gauge plastic is a specialty at Paradise Plastics, where as longtime Florida vacuum formers, we manufacture for several fortune 500 companies.

The process involves sheets of plastic in the chosen gauge being drawn over a heated positive mold with vacuum. The softened material then forms to the shape of the mold. Once cooled slightly, the process is completed when the plastic part is separated from the mold. It goes on for any finishing process including trimming or additional assembly or both.

Plastic vacuum forming often is the best choice when large parts are required and fine detail is not a high priority. The process is well established and a popular manufacturing method for a wide range of products including those used in the automotive industry, household goods and industrial manufacturing.

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