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Thermoforming is well suited for large parts, like this fan assembly.


Thermoforming thin- and heavy-gauge plastic is a specialty at Paradise Plastics of Florida, where we manufacture for several fortune 500 companies.
The process involves sheets of plastic in the chosen gauge being drawn over a heated positive mold with vacuum. The softened material then forms to the shape of the mold. Once cooled slightly, the process is completed when the plastic part is separated from the mold, where it goes on for any finishing process including trimming or additional assembly or both.
Plastic thermoforming often is the best choice when large parts are required and fine detail is not a high priority. The process is well established and a popular manufacturing method for a wide range of products including those used in the automotive industry, household goods and industrial manufacturing.
Advantages include lower mold cost, speed of production and the flexibility of varying the gauge of the product without modification of the mold, as is required with injection molding processes.
This forming process produces a wide range of results, from very flexible products produced by thin-gauge plastic thermoforming to strong products capable of sustaining high stress produced by a heavy-gauge process. Many of the large components we see today in our everyday lives are example of this method of making plastic parts.
This flexibility is why plastic thermoforming may be the best solution for meeting your parts requirements. If you are in need of Florida Thermoforming services, Paradise Plastics has a team of specialists ready to assist in helping determine whether this method is right for your project.

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